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The Poplar Field - Summary | The Magic of Words

The poplar field, tree, green grass, ground
English | Summary
Unit Three : Ecology And Environment
The Poplar Field
William Cowper
The Magic of Words

Hemingway is a romantic poet. Like his other literary works, this is also a romantic poem representing nature. He describes the difference in the environment and natural beauty before and after the poplar trees are fallen down. With example of poplar trees, the poet wants to show the real phase of human life according to rule of nature.

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Questions for Practice
  1. What does the poet miss when he visits the poplar field after the poplars were cleared?
  2. Why is William Cowper saddened by the devastation of the poplar trees?
  3. Why do you think the poet has written this poem in the first person?
  4. Discuss how the poet links up the idea of the cut down poplars with the end of human life and pleasures.
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