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The Nightmare Life Without Fuel - Summary | The Magic of Words

The Nightmare Life Without Fuel
English | Summary
Unit Three : Ecology And Environment
The Nightmare Life Without Fuel
Isaac Asimov
The Magic of Words

“The Nightmare Life Without Fuel” is an essay, which depicts the life of this world in coming future when the fuel resources will have reduced from their source. The main thrust of this essay is: what is going to happen if we do not conserve the world’s natural resources. Asimov focuses on a specific problem that will arise by the lack of fuels. This whole world is run by different resources such as petrol, diesel, water, wood, etc. We cannot imagine this world without the use of fuel. In comparison to the past days, we are now facing the problem of scarcity of fuel resources. Earlier these resources were found in large quantity and life style was easier.
Questions for Practice 
  1. What are the functions of fuel in human life as described by Isaac Asimov in "The Nightmare Life without Fuel"? 
  2. Explain what Isaac Asimov means when he says, "work, sleep, and eating are the great trinity of 1997, and only the first two are a guaranteed. 
  3. What would be the impact of a complete disappearance of fossil fuel on the life of people in big cities? Describe the comparative advantages of the fuel crises as shown in the essay. "The Nightmare Life without Fuel." Also write its result to the rest of the world. 
  4. What kind of serious problems could a fuel shortage cause? You base your answer on "The Nightmare Life without Fuel." 
  5. What kinds of serious problems could a fuel shortage cause? 6. Describe what the writer thinks will happen when fuel begins to run out.
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  1. Question number 3, is it enough writing for a 5 marks question? I'd be glad if you explained a bit more. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Mr. Bachan For your Comment. It is not enough to write this much for the 5 marks. Actually we have given the actual answer of the question. It is your work to expand. It is just like the clue for the question.


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